Label & Sticker Printing Services

If you need office supplies, Sun Graphics Printing is primed to help. We print letterhead and business stationary, as well as adhesive materials like labels and stickers. Let us provide you with core business supplies to keep your correspondence clean, uniform and well-branded.

Our full-scale printing capabilities ensure your stationery and letterhead are cleanly designed and produced, with labels and stickers that are clear and easy to read.

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Labels are the easiest way to expedite your mailing campaign or labeling for commonly-used folders in your office. We offer robust label printing in Yuma, AZ ensuring you’ve got the peel-and-stick solutions for your business’ needs. Whether it’s variable data mailing labels, file folder organization labels or labels for customer files, rest assured we deliver high-quality labels.


Everyone loves stickers! Whether you’re handing them out as freebies or putting them to use in practical application, stickers are a simple yet important piece of print collateral. We’re able to complete large runs of sticker printing in Yuma, AZ providing you with high-caliber stickers for any application. Glossy or matte, vinyl or special stock, our stickers are sure to impress.


Official stationery instantly transforms any printed communication your business sends. Whether it’s an internal company memo, a letter to a customer or official notice to a vendor, adding your logo and other branding legitimizes your business. We take pride in bringing credibility to your business with exceptional letterhead and stationery.

Label & Sticker Printing Services
Label & Sticker Printing Services

Quality Printed Materials

If you’re looking to have bulk, custom labels, stationery and stickers made for business or personal use, come to Sun Graphics Printing. Our team will design and print high-quality products you’ll feel proud to distribute! Reach us today at 928-783-8371 to begin discussing your concepts or design specifications.

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