Popular Promotional Items for Your Business

Anyone who has been to an event like a trade show or a job fair will tell you that the “swag” is one of the best parts. Swag (also known as “stuff we all get) is little things that companies give away as reminders of their names, contact information and services. They range from the clever (a carpenter giving away business cards that double as rulers) to the useful (flashlights that can be easily kept in a glovebox for emergency use).

No matter what type of business promotional items in Yuma, AZ you’re considering, we’ve pulled together some of the most popular suggestions here. The team at Sun Graphics Printing is always standing by and ready to talk more about your options.

  • Promotional drinkware: One of our most popular business promotional items in Yuma, AZ is drinkware, which can range from inexpensive plastic cups all the way up to top-of-the-line insulated mugs. These can also include things like water bottles or coffee mugs, all emblazoned with your company’s name and contact information to make sure your presence is always in your customers’ minds.
  • Clothing: Most typically coming in the form of T-shirts, clothing is another promotional item that we get a lot of orders for. While most customers wind up using free T-shirts in places like the gym or the park, we say that this is all the better! They are effectively functioning as free advertising for your company and exposing it to customers who you might not have otherwise reached. In this way, promotional clothing can be a great investment.
  • Tote bags: Much like the ones made famous by PBS, a tote bag can be a great choice when it comes to business promotional items in Yuma, AZ. These are becoming all the more popular now, as society gets greener and greener and more people want to carry reusable bags rather than waste single-use plastic. This is increasingly the case as more cities and towns ban the use of plastic bags, so these can be very useful pieces for customers.
  • Power banks: As society gets more and more digital, devices need power all the more often. E-books, phones, tablets and more—they all need power, so portable batteries are becoming all the more useful. Why not make it so a customer’s useful power bank is emblazoned with your website or logo as well, giving them a reminder every time they top off their device on the road?
  • USB drives: We live in the age of information, and people need more and more places to store their files. USB drives can fill that gap, and you’ll be the toast of your customers when you give them some extra space for their digital items to be stored on the go.

Business promotional items in Yuma, AZ are one of the most powerful advertising items your company can have, and our team of experienced designers and producers at Sun Graphics Printing is ready to work with you to figure out the best fit for your needs. You work hard for your business, so let us do the same and get your company where it needs to be via engaging and fun promotional items. Reach out to us to learn more.

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