The Benefits of Using UV Coating on Your Print Job

In an increasingly electronic world, a print job has to rise to new levels of excellence to stand out from the crowd. It must be durable and eye-catching. It must stand the test of time. What most people may not understand is that a simple UV coating in Yuma, AZ can accomplish every one of those goals with one ultraviolet layer.

How does UV coating work?

A UV coating is one of the most popular ways to protect your print project over a long period. During the process, a specialized chemical substance is spread across your print work before being cured under the glare of ultraviolet light. The result is a product that is more protective than the two other popular means of coating (aqueous and varnish coatings).

A professional gloss

More than any other extra type of protection that can be applied to your print jobs, UV coating in Yuma, AZ carries with it an inherently high sheen that makes the coating jump off the surface. If you want an extra incentive to draw a customer’s eyes, this is your product.

Prevent issues with frequent handling

Are you printing a brochure or pamphlet, something that is bound to be handled and touched by a variety of different people (with hands that may or may not be especially clean)? Consider UV coating. This additional layer will prevent smudges and stains that can ruin other forms of paper products.

Flexibility in the design

Not looking for a protective finish with a high shine? That’s not a problem. UV coatings can be adjusted to fit your needs. Looking for a matte finish? We can do that. Want to apply a UV coating to select areas of your project? This is known as a spot finish, and UV coatings can do that, too. No matter what you have in mind, UV coatings can adapt to accomplish your goal.

Texture a screen can’t provide

Want your next batch of business cards to really stand out? Want your clients to engage your next presentation visually and physically? A UV coating can add some alluring texture to your next print job that adds a little panache to your next pitch.

Your print experts

Since 1944, the residents of southwest Arizona have relied on Sun Graphics Printing for high-quality, long-lasting print work. In addition to excellent UV coating in Yuma, AZ, we offer a wide variety of print work, including banners, large format printing, brochures, greeting cards, business forms, flyers, graduation and wedding announcements, invitations, labels, letterhead, postcards, promotional products, stickers and more. We also offer file formatting and document destruction for clients in need of those services.

Of course, a massive assortment of services means very little if you don’t have an underlying commitment to quality. We have that to spare—since we opened our doors more than 75 years ago, it’s our high-quality work that’s kept our customers coming back time and again.

When it comes to paper, we’ve got you covered. Give us a call today to find out how Sun Graphics Printing can help you.

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