Methods of Folding Printed Paper in Yuma, AZ: Scoring vs. Creasing

At first glance, the terms “scoring” and “creasing” may seem to indicate the same process. However, these are two unique techniques. In industries where folding printed paper in Yuma, AZ is integral to production, the differences between the two are very important.

Printing professionals must choose the right method—scoring or creasing—to obtain the desired outcomes for any print job. Here’s an overview of what these terms mean and how they differ. If you’d like additional information on folding printed paper in Yuma, AZ, don’t hesitate to contact your local experts at Sun Graphics Printing.


Scoring reduces paper stiffness. The method is designed to aid in the folding process and can be done in a variety of ways. Litho scoring is done by press scores, while folding machine scores are accomplished by using a steel scoring blade and steel collars.

These machines manipulate the paper to weaken it and more easily facilitate folding printed paper in Yuma, AZ. This is done so the folding process does not crack the paper, wrinkle the finish or otherwise result in an undesirable appearance after the product is folded.


The technique of creasing compresses a sheet along the line that requires folding. The process provides a “hinge” along which the product can be folded. Because the force applied during folding is directed toward the pre-weakened line, the force does not cause the paper to split or crack. The crease absorbs the force, while the exterior portion of the folded product remains unbroken and smooth.

To accomplish creasing, technicians can use a rotary method or a platen method. For the rotary method, the paper is passed between cylinders, or it may wrap around a cylinder. With the platen method, the die board and sheet remain flat. With either method, the sheet is forced into a channel for creasing.

Which method for folding printed paper in Yuma, AZ is better?

Neither technique is better than the other—they are simply appropriate for different circumstances. For example, heavy sheets of paper typically require creasing. Simple scoring does not provide the force necessary to prevent cracking in these situations. In commercial printing, this is often the chosen method to prepare for folding printed paper in Yuma, AZ.

Images are another determining factor for which method should be used. Scoring is done when there isn’t an image in the score area.

A third factor is the type of machine used for printing. Scoring is the preferred method when items are printed on a press, while creasing is used when printing has been done on a digital copier.

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