UV Coating: What Does It Do for Your Printed Piece?

When you’re printing professional-grade products like business cards and other marketing materials, you’ll probably be faced with a lot of choices. Sizing, color and paper weight are all important, but you may find that you have some options you don’t quite understand.

One of our most popular yet misunderstood printing options is UV coating, a specialized form of print protection in Yuma, AZ. UV coating is a great choice for many products, but you might miss out on this option if you don’t understand its many benefits.

What is UV coating?

UV coating is a print coating that adds a glossy shine on top of your printed materials. Aside from the appearance, UV coating also adds a protective layer to your print products, making them more durable.

The UV material is applied to your print products after they are created. The substance is applied wet by a machine and is then dried, or cured, by an ultraviolet (UV) light, which solidifies and hardens it.

Polyethylene, calcium carbonate and kaolinite are the most common chemicals in the UV coating mixture, but the coating does not emit volatile organic compounds (VOCs) after it is cured. The mixture can be altered somewhat to change the appearance and thickness of the coating. Thus, some coatings are glossier or more matte than others, and some are thinner or thicker.

UV coating is sometimes confused with other, similar print coatings in Yuma, AZ, like lamination, but it is not quite the same. The coating can be applied to just about any paper product, but it is best used on heavier paper stocks.

Benefits of UV print coating in Yuma, AZ

There are many benefits to using UV coating on your printed materials:

  • Longer lasting: UV coating adds an extra layer of protection to your materials that would otherwise get rubbed, scratched or smudged. This makes it a great choice for marketing materials you want to last.
  • Better looking: Materials coated with UV print coating in Yuma, AZ stand out more than their counterparts, especially when the coating is a high-gloss variety. This means your materials will look even better than they did before and be more eye-catching to your consumer.
  • More professional: UV-coated materials also look more professional than standard materials, so your consumer is more likely to put faith in your brand as a top-quality, professional one.
  • Multiple options: There are many options when it comes to UV coating, including glossy and more matte choices, thick and thin applications and where you can actually place the coating. Materials can be coated front-to-back, on one side or in a specific place on the material.
  • Water resistant: Although UV coating will not make your materials waterproof, they can make them water resistant, meaning they’ll hold up more easily against rain or accidental spills. This contributes even more to the longevity of your materials.
  • Low cost: UV coating is typically a low-cost but high-quality coating option. This makes it affordable to tack on to an order for printed materials.

UV coating can make a huge difference in the quality of your printed products. Inquire with Sun Graphics Printing about UV coating on your next print job to see the difference!